Friday, December 30, 2011

My Last Post...

OF 2011!!!

So glad 2011 is over so I can get my 100$ from my dad for learning how to juggle! I most likely will use it on Wizard101, Lego sets, ect. I decided to stop posting today because Spiral Live is tonight and tomorrow is the 31 and New Years Eve. I most likely will be going to Reno with my family.  And as I mentioned Spiral Live is tonight! Sorry for the copy and past Blaze:
"Spiral Live New Years Extravaganza is tonight and as we promised, a special guest host will be on the show! Well correction.... 2 Special Guest Hosts! Guest host #1 is our very own Ethan (The Sound Guy) Mythcaller!!! For our second guest host we have Ravenwood Radio's Stephen Spiritcaller with us"
I also donated a couple of prizes:
  • Candy Cane Mount (your choice)
  • Holiday Gardening Package (1 Boon Tree and 2 Holidaisies)
  • Yuletide Spirit
  • Snowball Pet
  • Santa Outfit
  • Mint Staff and Teleporter (your choice)
So come out live tonight at 7:30 Central!  I also would like to announce I have succeeded my goal! I currently have 4,000 Views!!! So everybody thank you so much! Well this is the end... This is my last one of 2011:

~Keep It Dead

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Yes! I'm at 3,940 views! Ok please everybody, PLEASE, just come to my blog at least 2 times a day! I'm also level 70 in the Elephant Graveyard getting closer and closer everyday to Mirror Lake. Sorry from this short post, I just woke up. :/ I'll try to post later on today...

~Keep It Dead

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Last Box On The Moving Broom

Well, first off it's Christmas Eve! Me and my mom are about to get started cooking. Now, that title is a little weird but I am moving. Not in real life of course, in game. I am moving from my humble Dragon's Fjord to an amazing Massive Fantasy Palace. I got some new gear from the Epic Bundle that was given to me from that contest I won over at RR. I received the email from Fallon today with my code. I enter the code and go to login. And of course we were under maintenance. So that was bad, but I had a good time waiting by talking to Blaze Shadowhorn, and Nicholas Lionrider over Skype. Wizard101 finally got back up and I got all of my stuff. I have some new gear I will show in 2012 for my new header. 

And that secret project is so close to done! We are at the home stretch! Its almost perfect!!! Destiny and I are making some finishing touches and Nicholas Lionrider has done a more than spectacular job!

This also will NOT be my last post of 2011. I realized I don't have school next week so I am free to post all week. I go back to school on January 3rd so expect a little less posting from me, but we'll cross that bridge we we come to it.

NOW! I have another Pre-New Years Resolution! I really would love to get 4000 views. Currently I am at 3841! So if you have a blog if you can just recommend them to my blog. I might edit this part because I haven't checked the views from the .com address. EDIT**Yep I have 442 views from the .com address and I believe I have 4183 but to really see it on the counter would be amazing**EDIT So yea, wow, pretty long post! Happy Holidays and,

~Keep It Dead

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Pyromancer's Revenge Teaser


Destiny Soultamer, Justin Shadowblade, and Nicholas Lionrider!

I had Nick to smudge some stuff out so it doesn't give too much out
~Keep It Dead

Wizardly Diaries Party

Straight from Elijah Lightthief:

"Alright witches and wizards i am going to have a party in my MFP today as my birthday party because today is my actual birthday!

When: 3:45 PST
where: my MFP; go to ice tower realm wu and ill pick all you up at 3:45 with my port bus elijah light thief death lvl 10
occasion: my birthday!

See you in the spiral!!!
-Elijah light thief"

I really like his blog and I like parties, with allot of people! So I'm going hope you go too. Yes he does have more view than me but he hasn't been posting his awesome posts, so Elijah if you are reading this, POST!

~Keep It Dead

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ravenwood Radio Tonight

This weeks Ravenwood Radio was probably my best experience ever, for me. Not to brag I did win a little something something for my holiday Wizard101 Song. Here is the ending:

"On the twelfth day of Christmas my teacher gave to me, twelve Vampires sucking, eleven Hydras burning, ten Myth Traps, nine Scarecrows stealing, eight Satyrs healing, seven Evil Snowmen, six Locust Swarms, five Krokomummies! Four Trolls a trolling, three Storm Sharks swimming, two Sunbirds flying, and a Ghoul in the Graveyard"

Yea that ending is really butchered. Me and Destiny Soultamer are creating a little something that will be coming out soon. Nicholas Lionrider will be making some of our art. Well, cliff hanger.

~Keep It Dead

Tuesday, December 20, 2011