Thursday, June 23, 2011

2 Oni Down 2 To Go!

Hello Wizards, I just beat the Plague Oni, again SOLO! I did die beating Wavebringer because of a 870+ <--- Cheater Kraken with no blades or traps. And on that round I was about to take him out with a bladed and trapped Skeletal Pirate, AND he only had 239 health. But I sailed through Pre-Plague Oni and just stomped on the Plague Oni himself! Again, SOLO!! Now off too Ancient Burial Grounds. And speaking of stomp, the great Stomp On Mooshu Festival is canceled. I am SO sad, I love the Stomp On Mooshu . The blog that produces the S.O.M said,
"Due to lag, misconduct, bad language, and Reporters we are halting the S.O.M until further notice" 

So yea, OH WELL! I am now Level 41, 5 bars left until level 42 and most importantly, Wraith.

~Keep It Dead

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