Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My 1st Post

Hello Wizards, my name is Justin ShadowBlade! I'm currently a level 37 Death Wizard, I made this blog to share with other Wizards about me and wizard101 and hopefully hear about your experiences. I want to thank the following for pushing me to make this blog:

Jason Storm 
Alexander FireGem
Jack IceCaster 
Jessica MoonDust

So I will try to post lots in my weeks of summer vacation and when I'm back in school! If you can please send me advice on my site at justinshadowblade@gmail.com.

~Keep It Dead 
Thanks for being at my blog, 558 130 5866 - 10$ Gift Card


  1. Just did this so it didn't say 1 comments <- I just don't like unnecessary s's! >:(

    ~Keep It Dead