Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Background

Hello Wizards, I wanted to share with you were I actually came from. I started my Wizard101 Community Career (WCC) at a great site call Wizard101 Press as a reporter. I worked there for about 9 months then I handed Jason Storm my resignation form. He held a ceremony in my honor, which was absolutely CRAZY! After I left W101 Press I was just getting out of Wizard City (because I was leveling my myth wizard.) and starting Krokotopia. I also had a life wizard at level 17 and Justin was 17. It was funny because I didn't realize they were both at the same level, and then weeks later the Dragon Hoards Bone Dragon came out and set me over to Death. And flew through Krokotopia now Marleybone, soon to Mooshu! just finished Marleybone and now in Mooshu, Dragonspyre (My Homeland) soon to come!

~Keep It Dead

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