Wednesday, July 27, 2011

50th Post Contest! Fox40! Hello Blogosphere?

Hey Guys, so this is my 50th Post! I was thinking about holding a party but, my house isn't that great. So I will give-away a gift card from Blockbuster, for 5,000 Crowns! So all you need to do is write up a story of your experience with me in-game or this blog! This is a COMPETITION not any luck involved like my last contest. So yea, today I started playing Deathy a little more, he's in Celestia, I was helping Jason Storm get his Mooshu Symbol Robe, I got 8 and hasn't gotten 1 :/! 


Today I also went to KTXL FOX40,  I got a free tour and also posted pictures of me there on my Real Life (Human) Facebook page. So that was fun! I am also (not to brag) going to me on a 
Nickelodeon TV Show. Can't say yet, but I CANT WAIT! So yea.


Hello Blogosphere? What happened to breaking news and excitement. When I wake up I usually load up Wizard101 go to Endonline and go to my emails and to the Friendly Necromancer for blog updates, NOTHING! So keep posting guys!

~Keep It Dead too

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