Monday, July 4, 2011

Annual 4th of July Party

Halo Wizards, <-------Do not start saying "Halo" to people now, THAT IS MY WORD! I will trademark it if I have to. So, anywho is have there annual 4th Of July Party. So this is what they had to say:

(P.S. You might think since I worked for Wizard101 Press I might edit it, well the manager/my best friend does editing so this is exactly what said) (Ok just a little,like putting it in a full paragraph)

"Hey guys XD Well I am having my annual 4th of July party at my Storm House. So far over 100 people are attending!!! XD Isn't that exciting!!! :D Here is the info for the party:\

I am holding my sites annual 4th of July Party at my Storm House!!!
Time - 9pm-12am Eastern Time
Pickup-Ice Tower

My other wizard (Blaze Shadowhorn Storm level 1) will be in the Ice tower the whole time waiting for guests to arrive so he can take them to me. Many famous wizards such as Edward Lifegem, Fin and Quinn, Xinaed and Zaolan from Stormy Skies, Bailey Skystaff (Friendly's Wife) and Friendly and a few other wizards are gonna be there. We are trying to make this an amazing party for all wizards everywhere XD I hope you will attend and have a
great time XD

I will be there, for sure! And remember I'm Justin Shadowblade! AND this is my forth post of July XD so it says July (4) (The number in the the parentheses mean how many posts in that month)

~Keep It Dead

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