Friday, July 22, 2011

DeathyWiz? More Like MommyWiz! And Contest

Hey Gang! So if you have added my Mom you know:

1. She has more friends than me.
2. Hosted a party and 50+ People showed up.
3. She has a Unicorn Statue (bought by me).
4. Got the Unicorn Spell.

And she is now level 8!
I'm also hosting a contest! This is mostly for all you bloggers out there. So all you need to do is talk about on your blog! What you could win

5 KIFG Codes- Fog Unicorn or Blue Raptor Blade
5 Mega Snack Packs
5 Dragon Hoards Packs 
1 store bought Sultans Palace!

So what is the goal? 50 Followers or 500 Views!
Who could win? Anyone! The first 16 Wizards to email me ( when I get 50 Followers or 500 Views gets one of the prizes, I REPEAT YOUR CHOICE, so be first so you can get the Sultans Palace! 
Thanks for reading this far! So there is a KIFG Code in the Comments :) Someone got it! 2 Minutes after I posted it. Congrats to Aurthur Willow!

~Keep It Dead
P.S No my Mom cant enter XD!