Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dragonspyre & Party Review from Wizard101 Press

Sigh, Dragonspyre is getting SO boring! It's just, "Do this" "I need help from a wizard and I wont say thank you" "Little wizard leave, I don't need your help" Four minutes later "HELP, HELP, HELP!" Its just boring and I'll beat 2 things and they'll give me 1. Oh well getting closer to the last 3 parts of Dragonspyre and going to Celestia.  I have 2/10, 8 more bars until 48 and then WRAITH PET AND SCARECROW SPELL!!!!!!!!!!! And the party for the 4th of July hosted by mywizard101site.blogspot.com/ (Now good friend ) Blaze Shadowhorn was AMAZING! Jason Storm couldn't get his site to work so I offered to post his review here, from Wizard101 Press's Manager, Jason Storm:

"Ravenwood Ball was great, but it was to crowded and to many party crashers just demolished the tower of awesomeness. I was really disappointed, and I went to a couple other parties and none of those were able to rebuild the tower. 

July 4th, 2011. A party was brewing, the seams bursting. 5,4,3,2! 1!  Porttttttt, the name reads Blaze Shadowhorn and his Port Busmen. Must say I didn't get on the port bus because Wizard101 just wouldn't let me port to him. My great friend Deathy Wiz told  Blaze that I wasn't able to port to his alt. Blaze, HIMSELF went to the Ice Tower, added me and we became really good friends. This is my review:

Port Bus: A+
Security: A
Hosting: A++
Contests: A+
Housing: A+
Overall Review A+++++++++++++++++++ 200%
Final Words: " Blaze, you rebuilt the tower 5 miles high!"

Jason Storm- Wizard101 Press Manager"
Approved by reviewer: Jack Icecaster- Wizard101 Press Head Reviewer

I worked at Wizard101 Press, and I saw each and every review. This is the best one every! A++++++++++++++++?!?! The highest I remember was a B-. CONGRATS BLAZE!

~Keep It Dead

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