Sunday, July 24, 2011


Ok I got, 283 Emails! I woke up and looked through all of them! I think just two people told me what they want. So if you didn't resend it and tell me what you want! And I feel so sorry for the two people who won first, because they didnt think they won first so got a lower prize. This is what we have left: 

1 | Sultans Palace! (store bought)
5 | 5,000 Crowns Gift Cards (store bought)
4 | Mega Snack Packs
4 | Dragon Hoards Packs 
5 | KIFG Codes- Fog Unicorn or Blue Raptor Blade

And I want to give a HUGE Thanks to Blaze Shadowhorn for getting almost all of the views, it took 2 days!

~Keep It Dead
P.S When I said "I" look through all the mail, me and Jason Storm's Press Team did.


  1. Err, I entered and said that I wanted sultans palace. I just checked the email again, and I did clearly state that. I realize that I probably wasn't first, but if the first people didn't want the palace, and I was one of only two that stated what I wanted, why is the palace still a choice?

  2. Errr.... I told Jason to tell you though that I wanted the Sultans Palace or the crowns. I was the 500th viewer and I was the first comment and email. I just want to know why Malorn and I got the KI codes when we were there at the 500th view.....
    Email us with a reply please. Thanks again :)