Thursday, July 7, 2011

KI Free Games

Hey Wizzys, this is what I got from KI Free Games:

"Congratulations on your high score!

You have received the following Wizard101 reward:

  • Enchanted Broom (7 day)
  • 50 Gold Pieces

Look for the icon: after you start playing to collect your reward."

I probably could get better. Comment on this and tell me what you got :D!
~Keep It Dead


  1. Viridian Scepter(x3) Blue Raptor(x4) Moonlight Ponies(A lot) Bengal Tiger (A lot) Dragon Hoard Pack, Black Panther, Staff of the Querent, and rewards of 1000-2000. There are some tricks on doodle doug if you look on wizard101 central that can really boost your points.

  2. Nice Malorn! I am not good with the tricks lol. I can do them but maybe if we had a skype convo we could discuss it further and you could help me :)

    I have gotten 8 mounts, Eye of Bartleby (x2) Blue Raptor, Fog Unicorn, ang gold up to 500.