Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rant #1

Hey Wizards, If you don't like negative talk please do not look beyond this line.
(P.S. It's not anything against the Terms Of Use on Wizard101)

1st Rant On: Ravenwood Radio Mods

Hey Ravenwood Radio Mods, listen here! Your kinda mean! Not Cass not Kevin. CHRISTINA ICEDREAMER or ICYWIZ! CID your becoming really lame and we don't like it. I've talked to many wizards and they think you are the meanest Wizard out there! You ruin Ravenwood Radio. I know you think I'm a jerk now but oh well. She banned me for no good reason! I was brushing up on my French and she banned me with NO warning. Then Blaze Shadowhorn was asking to tell everyone in the chatroom about his good news from Wizard101 Press. He asked me if it was OK, and I said yes, but you might get banned. She banned me for that!

I really don't want anything to do with IcyWiz! I think she is very mean and just need a CHILL PILL! I loved the rest of the show but IcyWiz really bothers me and she has the nerve to talk bad about my Best Friend Jason Storm's website. Really Icy, really. Go to the Panic Room and stay there. Peace  from Deathy. 

Sorry I just really wanted to vent about Icy, I feel allot better *Sigh of Relief *. Revoir or goodbye in french!

~Keep It Dead