Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ravenwood Radio Episode 45 *Passedt*

Hey Wizards, today is Wednesday! That mean R-A-V-E-N-W-O-O-D R-A-D-I-O is LIVE tonight, and a new Daring Adventures of Ditto I hear he is in Celestia, but we will have to wait and see in episode 29! My name is DeathyWiz (<--Ironic Right?) in the chat room!
From the Friendly Necromancer:
"That's right, it's Ravenwood Radio 45 tonight, with . . . me . . . as a guest host filling in for Fallon. :) She has a previous engagement this evening, and Mr. Spiritcaller was so kind as to invite my special brand of insanity along for the ride. I apologize for his mistake in advance. ;p That all starts at 6:30 pm Pacific, 7:30 pm Mountain, 8:30 pm Central, and 9:30 pm Eastern. See you all there!  I've looked through the show notes and there should be a few fun topics. One that I see needs to be added would be the addition of all these new housing items in the crown shop that can be purchased for gold!"


~Keep It Dead 

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