Sunday, July 31, 2011

Right or Wrong? - WCP

So you if guys have heard the WCP or Wizard City "Protectors" are back up. So I was reading there post
and a fellow wizard with his name: Nightmaress commented saying:

"Perfect proof right there, if you want to "protect" Wizard City you would know the rights of wizards and I have a right to speak out. Removing my comment is sure measure that you are giving out false information :) If I am correct, I don't think KingsIsle would appreciate seeing a bunch of kids announcing that they are official :)"

Now I was kinda of agreeing with him because they removed his previous post, to which I commented saying:

"If WCP removes Nightmaress comment that is meaning you are NOT protecting Wizard City, because all Wizards are allowed to speak out, along as the comment does not use foul language. I am still on the "Good" side of WCP but you guys are getting a bad wrap. And you guys posted about (which you dint have to!) that letter, so everyone knows. Don't say a random person that ruined WCP because it was you guys killing yourself, suicide."

So what do you think, WCP has reported me a couple of time. Not Blaze or Ed but I am guessing some of there members, and rumor is going around that Fake Icy is in there group! Thats all I got! Hmm should have turned this into a rant. :/. OH WELL!

~Keep It Dead

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  1. I am sorry if you dont think we are being correct or anything but We have never impersonated anyone. There are only a few of us and we are all well resepected. We want to help Wizard101 whether KI aproves us or not. We had a bad reputation do to a few rude, mean wizards. And they thought that letter was fake. It wasn't. But we really dont care if it did. If KI knew us it would be cool but its not important. Its Important to know we dont work for KI, we arent a profit group we do this group to help wizards like you. Idk why some wizards think its alright to swear cause its not. Since its family friendly. We haven't reported anyone yet. And I am certain of that. Like the fake Icy person its not really us. We havent reported anyone some people might be reporting you after you swore and when we tell you its a family friendly game you think we reported you when we didnt. But that shouldnt matter if you swear or curse and you get reported it doesnt matter who reports you as long as you realize what you did and why you got that punishment. Nicholas LionRider