Monday, August 1, 2011

KI Free Games Gives Crowns!!!

From Wizard101:

"We've listened to your feedback on the rewards at KIFreeGames and have removed transformations and mount rentals from the list of items you can win. We have added Seeds, better Snacks, different Pets, Permanent Mounts, new Housing Items, Booster Packs, better Elixirs and more items - but the best part is, you have a very rare chance at actually earning Crowns! That's right young Wizards, Crowns. Head on over to now or download our iPhone app called WizardBlox and start winning those codes today" 

YEP CROWNS! I tried, and got a Blue Banshee, that's OK, better than farming like I did because I thought it was death :/ yea.

~Keep It Dead!

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