Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Biggest Contest

So as you know I hit 1,000+ Views, so, CONTEST! Now I am viewer greedy and I want 2,500 Views. Once I get 2,500+ Views I will ask 7 Questions. If you 3/7 right you will have a chance to win the following:

1 of 15 - Dragons Hoard Packs - Donated By: Wizard101 Press
1 of 25 - KIFG Codes - Donated By: SusanSofaShocker (WEIRDEST NAME EVER)

If you get all 7 right you will have a chance at the following:

1 of 5 - 10 Dollar Gift Cards - Donated By: Myself
1 of 5 - Sultan Palaces - Donated By: Ward Productions
Yea just 2,500 Views and you have a 1/50 chances of winning! So how to make this process fast again if you own a blog please talk up DeathyWiz.blogspot.com

~Keep It Dead

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