Monday, August 8, 2011

Questing Again! MommyWiz Update

I have been trying to run away from questing but it got me... So I am level 52 and in the District of Stars (can you please email me if I'm behind in level.). So yea I will keep you guys posted!
So I won a KIFG Code from Malorn Ghostrider over at Maniac Magic for getting an answer right  and I got a Viridian Scepter, since I am Death and the Viridian Scepter is Life-ish I gave it to MommyWiz, sorry I had a picture but pictures make my computer slow. :/ Yea, so sorry for the short post too.

~Keep It Dead


  1. No, I don't think his mom is icywiz, in an earlier post he said that she had just reached level 8 and achieved unicorn. That means that she is a beginning life character. Good Luck with questing "MommyWiz"!