Sunday, August 14, 2011

Shortest Review From Wizard101 Press - Spiral Live

Spiral Live was AWESOME last night!!!!!!!!!

So on that note, the review from Wizard101 Press: 

"The Spiral is buzzing because the Spiral just went LIVE! 15 Wizard101 Press members including me were listening in, we all usually make a review and combine them. This time we went on the Xbox Live Server (we cant make a group that big on Skype ) and just couldn't decide. The first time in the history of Wizard101 Press, we cant make a formal review. So we all made words to define Spiral Live, today 8/14/11, we took 4 hour of talking,NO ONE COULD AGREE! We all! ALL! Had the kinda same review. WE ALL LOVED THE SHOW! So we stopped and made a word, 


So after we make a review, in this case word we make a grade. Sigh. It was an A. We here are so weird at Wizard101 Press. 
Jack Icecaster: "A++++"
Alexander Firegem: "A+, Standard!"
Myself: "Homerun! A++"

Voice of reason:

Malorn Skyrider: "Triple A, AAA"

Rating of Spiral Live, first time ever:

Wow, just wow. Keep It Frosty. o.o Agreed!

~Keep It Dead

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