Saturday, August 13, 2011

Spiral Live Is Going LIVE Soon!!! *Passed*

From my friend Nicholas Lionrider <--- what a unique last name :D

"OK lots of posts saying that Spiral Live is tonight which you probably know but This is from one of the hosts so, ya. First off Me and Blaze worked really hard putting this together and I hope we dont mess up tonight. Anyways I have a new headset that i cant wait for you guys to hear. And also here are the 8:30

8:30 EST (Eastern)      PM

7:30 CDT (Central)     PM
5:30 PST (Pacific)       PM
6:30 MDT (Mountain) PM

Hope you can make it. It will be an awesome podcast and I will be posting a follow up blog tommrow until then keep it Frosty (XD Inside Joke) but no really see you in the spiral."

XD We made that up on Skype because Malorn Willowsmith uses it. Keep It Frosty, just say it... Keep It Frosty... 

~Keep It Dead
P.s: Thank for letting me copy Nick.

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