Sunday, September 11, 2011

Did 9/11 Affect You Poll

So, today I woke up not knowing what to do from 9/11 today. I look at couple other blogs and I just decided to do a poll. So there it is ----------->

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Yep Thats A New Header!

That is my NEW header, I want to say a big thanks to NICHOLAS LIONRIDER! Speaking of his awesome work, Spiral Live is going LIVE tonight! Here are the details:

"8:30pm Eastern
7:30pm Central
6:30pm Mountain
5:30pm Pacific"
Yea, I'll be there and maybe moderating. So yep. Cya guys later!

~Keep It Dead
(P.S I have heard that The Annual Stomp On Mooshu will go on later this month!)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Some Exciting News

 This is truly an honor! Look at this (SCROLL DOWN WHEN THERE)!

~Keep It Dead

My Ultimate Contest

So guys, I had a big contest a while ago I was giving away allot of epic prizes. But I didn't reach my goal, reasoning, most likely I wasn't posting and I really had nothing to post about. But I realized, I don't work at Wizard101 Press anymore. I am a blogger, I am supposed to blog about my life, not just news. So I will continue to post more. So I have remade my contest and, the prizes, I wish they said I could get them. I am NOT lying! THESE PEOPLE ARE INSANELY GENEROUS! I still ask them, why me, why me! But I haven't gotten a response. So here are the GREAT prizes:

1 of 15 - Wyvern Hoard Packs - Donated By: Wizard101 Press
1 of 25 - KIFG Codes - Donated By: SusanSofaShocker (WEIRDEST NAME EVER)
1 of 5 - 10 Dollar Gift Cards - Donated By: Myself
1 of 5 - Pegasus Mounts - Donated By: Ward Productions (MAKING A COME BACK)

So... what do I want to give you these. 2,500 Pageviews! If I get over 5,000 by September 19th I will make sure to double the prizes. I am currently at 1,542 we need about 958 views. Yea just 2,500 Views and you have a 1/50 chances of winning! So how to make this process faster, again if you own a blog please talk up If you have a blog this is a competition! If you want to help me email me at and tell me you will be talking about my blog on your blog, who ever wins gets a better prize than them all. Um, WAY BETTER! So I will TRACK what blog gets me the most views, because blogger lets you see where your views come from. So yea... Spiral Live in 4 days. yep and Ravenwood Radio Wednesday,  THIS WEEK! CYA!

~Keep It Dead

Sunday, September 4, 2011

New Pets...Cautious Hound and Attentive Hound

Yep new pets, not formally announced:

Cautious Hound and Attentive Hound


Yep, yep yep! Also if you want it... go to Canadian stores. Here is more information:
  • Aug 2011
    Cautious Hound
    1 Card
    Humungofrog Spell
  • Sep 2011
    Attentive Hound
    1 Card
Yes, so Petnome... there's a new thing to do.

~Keep It Dead