Monday, September 5, 2011

My Ultimate Contest

So guys, I had a big contest a while ago I was giving away allot of epic prizes. But I didn't reach my goal, reasoning, most likely I wasn't posting and I really had nothing to post about. But I realized, I don't work at Wizard101 Press anymore. I am a blogger, I am supposed to blog about my life, not just news. So I will continue to post more. So I have remade my contest and, the prizes, I wish they said I could get them. I am NOT lying! THESE PEOPLE ARE INSANELY GENEROUS! I still ask them, why me, why me! But I haven't gotten a response. So here are the GREAT prizes:

1 of 15 - Wyvern Hoard Packs - Donated By: Wizard101 Press
1 of 25 - KIFG Codes - Donated By: SusanSofaShocker (WEIRDEST NAME EVER)
1 of 5 - 10 Dollar Gift Cards - Donated By: Myself
1 of 5 - Pegasus Mounts - Donated By: Ward Productions (MAKING A COME BACK)

So... what do I want to give you these. 2,500 Pageviews! If I get over 5,000 by September 19th I will make sure to double the prizes. I am currently at 1,542 we need about 958 views. Yea just 2,500 Views and you have a 1/50 chances of winning! So how to make this process faster, again if you own a blog please talk up If you have a blog this is a competition! If you want to help me email me at and tell me you will be talking about my blog on your blog, who ever wins gets a better prize than them all. Um, WAY BETTER! So I will TRACK what blog gets me the most views, because blogger lets you see where your views come from. So yea... Spiral Live in 4 days. yep and Ravenwood Radio Wednesday,  THIS WEEK! CYA!

~Keep It Dead

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