Friday, November 11, 2011

Second Installment of the Great BMP

So this is my second installment of BMP, hope you enjoy!  
  • Trial Of Spheres 
  • Ravenwood Radio and Spiral Live
  • Ugliest Gobbler Poll
  • Special Shield  
  • Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau
Myself, Jessica, and Jose went into the horrible dungeon of the Trial of Spheres. We slaughtered Astraeus, destroyed Ptolemos, and totally annihilated Mithraya. But really we had so much fun, WAY to many puns from Jessica beating Mithraya though. XD.
Ravenwood Radio is this Wednesday the 16th @ 6:00PST, due to Daylight Saving Time. Spiral Live will go on as scheduled, no word from SL if they will tweak there timing this Saturday at 6:30PST:
"Episode 8 goes live next Saturday November 19, 2011 at 8:30 pm Eastern Time. Good stuff coming your way this episode :)" 
Ok, the ugliest gobbler poll votes have been counted by some Wizard101 Press employees.
63 Votes
13 -  Gobbler Gorger
6   - Gobbler Glutton
33 - Gobbler Scavenger
11 - Gobbler Scouter
The weakest type of Gobbler, its hands are too big for its body. This particular gobbler has possibly either the funniest or the most gross "natural" attack in the game depending on who you ask. 
Enjoy your special shield!

"Lest We Forget... To honor all those who have served their countries, we're giving away a memorial Shield of Valor housing decoration from now until 9:00am US Central Time on Monday, Nov 14th. Limit one per account.
We welcome wizards from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau: