Sunday, November 6, 2011

First Big Mini Post

So this is my first ever BMP and I will do this BMP every Sunday. ENJOY! 


So I have done a total recall of my Wizard101 life. I have seen the best, and the worst, I have decided to NEVER back down, ever again! I will stay blogging even if no one is listening. Most of all I want to say a huge thanks to the following people for the support:

Edward Lifegem
Edward Winterflame
Autumn Dreamwalker
Nicholas Lionrider
James Willow
 and many more!

These are just some of the people who are saints to everyone and especially me. Thank you! 


So off that sad/good note I have just finished the Chancel and going on to the Trial of Spheres. And for me to go through this epic battle I will need a great team with elite help. Any takers? Well if you would like, email me at and just may (I WILL) give a little appreciation gift at the end. 


You still have 5 days left to vote for the ugliest trash mob gobbler in Wizard101. It will be a spectacular event once the I get the votes all tallied up on Facebook, the blog, and through email. So far we have 34 votes. :)

Spiral Live last night was pretty good. I enjoyed it and they had at least 20+ views. And as Blaze does usually ~Keep It Frosty is now B.S's (Blaze Shadowhorn(ed)?). So if you wish to say Keep It Frosty B.S you must say B.S after it, that little pet peeve only goes for in the spiral :/

~Keep It Frosty B.S