Saturday, December 24, 2011

Last Box On The Moving Broom

Well, first off it's Christmas Eve! Me and my mom are about to get started cooking. Now, that title is a little weird but I am moving. Not in real life of course, in game. I am moving from my humble Dragon's Fjord to an amazing Massive Fantasy Palace. I got some new gear from the Epic Bundle that was given to me from that contest I won over at RR. I received the email from Fallon today with my code. I enter the code and go to login. And of course we were under maintenance. So that was bad, but I had a good time waiting by talking to Blaze Shadowhorn, and Nicholas Lionrider over Skype. Wizard101 finally got back up and I got all of my stuff. I have some new gear I will show in 2012 for my new header. 

And that secret project is so close to done! We are at the home stretch! Its almost perfect!!! Destiny and I are making some finishing touches and Nicholas Lionrider has done a more than spectacular job!

This also will NOT be my last post of 2011. I realized I don't have school next week so I am free to post all week. I go back to school on January 3rd so expect a little less posting from me, but we'll cross that bridge we we come to it.

NOW! I have another Pre-New Years Resolution! I really would love to get 4000 views. Currently I am at 3841! So if you have a blog if you can just recommend them to my blog. I might edit this part because I haven't checked the views from the .com address. EDIT**Yep I have 442 views from the .com address and I believe I have 4183 but to really see it on the counter would be amazing**EDIT So yea, wow, pretty long post! Happy Holidays and,

~Keep It Dead

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