Friday, December 30, 2011

My Last Post...

OF 2011!!!

So glad 2011 is over so I can get my 100$ from my dad for learning how to juggle! I most likely will use it on Wizard101, Lego sets, ect. I decided to stop posting today because Spiral Live is tonight and tomorrow is the 31 and New Years Eve. I most likely will be going to Reno with my family.  And as I mentioned Spiral Live is tonight! Sorry for the copy and past Blaze:
"Spiral Live New Years Extravaganza is tonight and as we promised, a special guest host will be on the show! Well correction.... 2 Special Guest Hosts! Guest host #1 is our very own Ethan (The Sound Guy) Mythcaller!!! For our second guest host we have Ravenwood Radio's Stephen Spiritcaller with us"
I also donated a couple of prizes:
  • Candy Cane Mount (your choice)
  • Holiday Gardening Package (1 Boon Tree and 2 Holidaisies)
  • Yuletide Spirit
  • Snowball Pet
  • Santa Outfit
  • Mint Staff and Teleporter (your choice)
So come out live tonight at 7:30 Central!  I also would like to announce I have succeeded my goal! I currently have 4,000 Views!!! So everybody thank you so much! Well this is the end... This is my last one of 2011:

~Keep It Dead


  1. Can't make it to Spiral Live :( Congrats on the views though, I reached my goal too. (2011 views as of this morning)

  2. Also, don't scare me like that with the post title..