Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tiny Leak From J Todd?

So Mr. Coleman was answering a question on Facebook and I came across this:

Q - "Good Morning! Can the white tiger come back so the proceeds go to charity again and can your staff please find my Rain Beetle and not tell me it never existed- hence last seen in the test realm and in pvp but mysteriously disappeared- customer service training is in order!! Thank you in advance- have thoroughly enjoyed the game for the last 2 years."

A - "I cant help you with support requests -- we have a support team for that. But I can say that we really feel strongly about supporting our local children's charities, so stay tuned. :)"

Stay tuned smiley face?!?! This is such a big hint! So two years ago we got the Meowmodon , and last we had the giving tree. Hmm, maybe another mount? Like a white panther? I don't know but I'm getting crowns so hopefully I will be get what ever they are putting up for sell. 

Also I have started a garden with Snow Peas, Baby Carrots, Key Limes, and  Orange Bell Peppers in the kitchen. And allot of  Silver Trumpet Vines, and a couple of Elvis Parsley in my music room. Well BMP right after Spiral Live and hope to see you there!

~Keep It Dead 

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