Friday, August 26, 2011

Spiral Live and Celestia

Hey guys so Spiral Live is going LIVE tomorrow! And guess who is co-host: 


So yea :D
Also I am in Stormriven and trying to get to 58 in time for the show I am 57 and so CLOSE to so yea, I'll post more after I got to piano lessons. Peace!

~Keep It Dead

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why, WHY!

Hey Guys, so as you know SOME (I was) select few of wizards were granted school in this part of the year, most people start in like two weeks, but tell me why is KI tossing out Wysteria when people go to school? Oh well, I'll try to post with school and all, but what ever.

Sorry for the short post :/

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Shortest Review From Wizard101 Press - Spiral Live

Spiral Live was AWESOME last night!!!!!!!!!

So on that note, the review from Wizard101 Press: 

"The Spiral is buzzing because the Spiral just went LIVE! 15 Wizard101 Press members including me were listening in, we all usually make a review and combine them. This time we went on the Xbox Live Server (we cant make a group that big on Skype ) and just couldn't decide. The first time in the history of Wizard101 Press, we cant make a formal review. So we all made words to define Spiral Live, today 8/14/11, we took 4 hour of talking,NO ONE COULD AGREE! We all! ALL! Had the kinda same review. WE ALL LOVED THE SHOW! So we stopped and made a word, 


So after we make a review, in this case word we make a grade. Sigh. It was an A. We here are so weird at Wizard101 Press. 
Jack Icecaster: "A++++"
Alexander Firegem: "A+, Standard!"
Myself: "Homerun! A++"

Voice of reason:

Malorn Skyrider: "Triple A, AAA"

Rating of Spiral Live, first time ever:

Wow, just wow. Keep It Frosty. o.o Agreed!

~Keep It Dead

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Spiral Live Is Going LIVE Soon!!! *Passed*

From my friend Nicholas Lionrider <--- what a unique last name :D

"OK lots of posts saying that Spiral Live is tonight which you probably know but This is from one of the hosts so, ya. First off Me and Blaze worked really hard putting this together and I hope we dont mess up tonight. Anyways I have a new headset that i cant wait for you guys to hear. And also here are the 8:30

8:30 EST (Eastern)      PM

7:30 CDT (Central)     PM
5:30 PST (Pacific)       PM
6:30 MDT (Mountain) PM

Hope you can make it. It will be an awesome podcast and I will be posting a follow up blog tommrow until then keep it Frosty (XD Inside Joke) but no really see you in the spiral."

XD We made that up on Skype because Malorn Willowsmith uses it. Keep It Frosty, just say it... Keep It Frosty... 

~Keep It Dead
P.s: Thank for letting me copy Nick.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Pet!

Hey guys, you all probably know but this is  what KI said:
"New Samoorai Pet!

A new Samoorai pet has arrive straight from MooShu - ready to race in the derby and help you out in battle!  Log in to Wizard101 the game and click the Crown Shop button in the upper left of your screen to buy this new pet today!
So lucky you Mooshu lovers
~Keep It Dead

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Panther Mount Code Leaked

We have information that if you type in the word "Panther" you will get the panther mount 15 day rental. I got it!

~Keep It Dead
(Not sure if this will work for long!)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Biggest Contest

So as you know I hit 1,000+ Views, so, CONTEST! Now I am viewer greedy and I want 2,500 Views. Once I get 2,500+ Views I will ask 7 Questions. If you 3/7 right you will have a chance to win the following:

1 of 15 - Dragons Hoard Packs - Donated By: Wizard101 Press
1 of 25 - KIFG Codes - Donated By: SusanSofaShocker (WEIRDEST NAME EVER)

If you get all 7 right you will have a chance at the following:

1 of 5 - 10 Dollar Gift Cards - Donated By: Myself
1 of 5 - Sultan Palaces - Donated By: Ward Productions
Yea just 2,500 Views and you have a 1/50 chances of winning! So how to make this process fast again if you own a blog please talk up

~Keep It Dead

Monday, August 8, 2011

Questing Again! MommyWiz Update

I have been trying to run away from questing but it got me... So I am level 52 and in the District of Stars (can you please email me if I'm behind in level.). So yea I will keep you guys posted!
So I won a KIFG Code from Malorn Ghostrider over at Maniac Magic for getting an answer right  and I got a Viridian Scepter, since I am Death and the Viridian Scepter is Life-ish I gave it to MommyWiz, sorry I had a picture but pictures make my computer slow. :/ Yea, so sorry for the short post too.

~Keep It Dead

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Skype Is Up And Working!

Yep, I finally got a microphone for Skype!:


Yea, kinda funny looking but it works, name is justin. shadowblade (yes . after justin)

~Keep It Dead

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wizard101 Press: Update

Hey guys, so on Friday I went to dinner with Jason Storm and his wonderful family! He brought his laptop and showed me his AWESOME website, Wizard101 Press. Now he said not to give to much information  but if you go and look at the Associated Press logo his looks like that one, and even says that were he got the idea. This is what he said:

*Insert Joke I Told* 

"Hahaha, well our old logo looked to childish and this one looks more professional..."

So yea, AP and Wizard101 Central combine, think about it, think about.....

~Keep It Dead

Friday, August 5, 2011

Spiral Live Talk

Now Jason Storm know everybody!, so I asked him to get me the scoop about Spiral Live when I noticed he was with Ed, Nicholas, and Marissa:
So, Jason got information that most of us know and some he cant tell, JUST YET. I'll try to guilt it out of him! More information later.

~Keep It Dead
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