Thursday, October 27, 2011

Projects, Projects, PROJECTS!

OK, I know, I only posts big fatty posts on the weekend. But I might have to change this blog to a weekend blog, So as the title says, I have at least 5 projects in the making and only 3/5 open to the public. So today I want to release my new in the making still fixer upper project. Anyways here it is:
SOOOOOO I think it would be fun to have a Gobbler Giveaway. So the poll to the right -->
Which gobbler do you think is the ugliest! 

It will be in poll form soon.
~Keep It Dead
P.S. Also I want to thank Wiki for the Gobbler pics and info.
P.S.S I will also announce in the next days what the prize is. 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Two New Pets

Yep again. we have new pets but again we (in the U.S.A) cant get them because you can only get them in Europe here it is!
  • Oct 2011
    Violet Hound
    1 Card
    Cleanse Spell
  • Nov 2011
    Magenta Hound
    1 Card
    Giant Spell 

Yea purple, thanks Wizard us Americans don't want a purple dog! Oh yea and they get the same cards we do plus that and like 4 other new ones. But they don't have Wysteria yet! HA! Also today is Spiral Live's Halloween special, be sure to come out!

~Keep It Dead

Thursday, October 20, 2011

J.A.D.E Project Going Aside

If you have heard, Shadowrider Academy will be opening its doors this Sunday, and, uh, I'm the Death teacher. So yes sadly I have to set the J.A.D.E Project to the side but Nick and Blaze are great friends to me so I must be an even better friend (and sounds SUPER cool). So yea hope to see you there and...

~Keep It Dead

Sunday, October 9, 2011

90th Post and WBE

Yes if you haven't heard I have made an Wizard education system:

"Welcome to the Wizardly Board of Education (for short WBE). This is NOT the the head of academies this is the head of K-12 wizards precious education in wizardry. We will meet every other Saturday to discuss classes. Our first meeting with be next week at 5:30 PST, hope to see you there.

-WBE Faculty"

So yea more to come soon! And possible party on 100th post?

~Keep It Dead 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Favorite Time Of The Year!

Halloween is back!
Yes, the time I met my father, Malistaire, and the time my half brother got a part time shift as a merchant in the shopping district selling Halloween items for his birthday. Here is what Wizard101 has said:

"It's our favorite time of year in the Spiral; Halloween! All your favorite Halloween friends are back with their ghostly items to get your Wizard into the Halloween Spirit. We've also got brand new spooktacular Halloween pets to accompany your Wizard during Halloweenfest. There are lots of Halloween decorations, bubbling cauldrons, apple tubs, pumpkins and ghosts and surprises all over Wizard City. But beware, a boss is waiting to test your skills! There will be contests in the Spiral, both on our official contests page as well as our fansite Wizard101 Central, so watch for news of those throughout the month of October.
Yep Spooky Bob is my step brother :). 

Also later I will be giving details to a special Halloween contest.

Keep It Dead

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Shadowrider Academy

"Shadowrider Academy is a Wizard101 Academy run by headmasters Blaze Shadowhorn and Nicholas Lionrider. You can take classes in various things such as the mandatory school class and the various electives of PvP, Gardening, Pet Training, and Crafting. It is a fun environment and we hope to see you at the Academy"

Yea so pretty sweet, and uh, I'M THE DEATH SCHOOL TEACHER!!!! WOOT WOOT! So... Malistaire, BACK OFF! Its about time a new Death Wizard become...  

~Keep It Dead!