Monday, January 16, 2012

Did You Know? And New Tab

Hey guys and gals, I have decided to do something new. Everyday I will tell you something interesting in Wizard101 or just the world. So without further ado:

Did You Know when you look at stars in the sky the are already dead?
(It takes so long for the light from stars to reach Earth the stars have already pasted.)

Really makes you think, huh? So yea I will be doing something like that Monday - Friday.

Also I have a new page, Past Blog Headers. Nicholas Lionrider says I make a new header every other week (kinda true) so I made a new tab.

Also as you speak, listen, read I am working on Frozen To Death. Its like 98% done and should be released this Friday! I still have to comfirm that with Destiny but we are so close! And with that,

~Keep It Dead


  1. I'm an wannabe astronomy whiz, thanks for posting this.

  2. No problem, my Science teacher told me that one.