Monday, January 2, 2012

F2D and Podcasting Contract Deal

Hey guys and gals, well Frozen To Death (F2D) is coming along very nicely! Me and Destiny are working very hard on it so you guys have the best quality work from us. Also, HAPPY NEW YEARS! Yesterday I went to... well I don't want to give out where I live but the fireworks were spectacular. I will be uploading a video just so you guys can see it. And when I do upload it just skip to the end, the finale is great. And yes, I have struck a contract deal with a well known wizard in the community for a 5+ month podcast. We do not have the dates scheduled but look out Ravenwood Radio! The contract states that we may not release the name until 2 weeks of the event. So if I break that ... no more podcast :(.

I have also completed Zafaria the first time on Thursday night. The group I was with was EPIC! The "leader" gifted me a pair of Swiftshadow Wings I've always wanted. Thanks Nichole! So I probably will start a new character. MommyWiz is done with Wizard City. She is going slow because she has to feed me and my brother, be a great wife to my awesome dad, and work. So she has a pretty busy day. I also love all the schools but I have no idea which to pick! Please go the poll to the left and decided for me. --->

Speaking of school, I go back on Tuesday. Sadly I will mostly likely post less. But my mom and dad got me out of ASES a little early so I can come home around 4:30. So this just about wraps up this post... wow, pretty long. And as always,

~Keep It Dead

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  1. Congrats on completing ZF, and yes...F2D is going to be awesome...