Sunday, January 29, 2012

Farming With Patrick!

So today I was talking to Patrick EmeraldPyre and we did a little bit of farming and what do you think I was farming for? Well I don't have the best pet (Sorry Diesel!) and I was trying to get a Death Cyclops with no avail. But I did get a sweet and rare Cyrus Drake Post thingy. I only wish you could get a Malistaire one without it being torn. Or even a Morganthe! Anyways thanks Patrick. Also Spiral Live was yesterday night and Nick was Ridin' Solo! Nick did a great job and Blaze's Tips and Tricks segment was great....Blaze was talking about Crowns and Chocolate? Go check it out here! Welp, gonna go quest with JFB!

~Keep It Frosty Dead

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  1. Never thought I'd see myself on the big screen. You can barley see MY pet,though.