Friday, January 13, 2012

Last Stretch

Wizard101 Grizzleheim Bear KingYes... Me and Destiny are at the last stretch of F2D (Frozen To Death) is so close. We are putting the final touches, we are looking all over for errors etc. We might have it ready by next week. Me and Destiny still don't have a set date to release it but I will fill you guys when we do. Also my new website is AWESOME cant wait to show you. And that might be done in a couple of weeks, still need to get the transparency to work. And as all of you know the Transformation Test Realm is up. I got in and bought every single one! My favorite is a tie between the buff Wolf and the tall Cyclops. So thats wraps this post up and I must say...

<----------------that pic is pretty sweet

~Keep It Dead

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