Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sorry DYK, F2D, and Jade Academy

Sorry you guys, I just have no time to post a DYK (Did You Know) on Thursdays and Fridays. So DYK will be Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Thursdays at my school just tire me out and I fall asleep and also on Fridays, but on Fridays at 6:00 PM I have to leave for piano practice. 

JADE Academy was on the 19th we were learning how to attack Storm bosses with Death spells, and kill. We had a couple of people that remembered show up (36) and we had so much fun defeating the Kraken in Triton Avenue with our lower level wizards. We went to beat Kraysys with our higher level wizards. Our next class will be - 2/4/2012, two weeks from TODAY! We never had JADE Academy on a Saturday but we like to try new things, we will be learning how to attack Ice bosses with Death spells, and kill. Also can someone this will be going remind me to take screenshots, and please, RSVP at (First words must say: Jade Academy). 

Also F2D is so hard to put together being me and Destiny live in different time zones. So again, I'm sorry will have to hold back on F2D . I'm really sorry it just needs to be perfect. So...

~Keep It Dead

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  1. Indeed, the time zones just drive me nuts. But yes, when F2D is released, it will be pristine.