Saturday, February 4, 2012

Crazy Week and MommyWiz


Well, I had some really good DYK's this week but I just had no time. I was gonna post on Tuesday but my connection was down! Really bad luck. 

JADE Academy is today though! If you still want to come we are totally booked 72 RSVP's and we can only take 50. So maybe next time. 

Me and Destiny are still cleaning up the battle sequence and we have some recording to do this weekend, hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge.

MommyWiz is starting back up in Krokotopia. MommyWiz is level 14 and says,

 "When I'm level 15, totally getting a Krokotopian style house!"

And yep, a new header. I took that this morning when I was finishing up my Zafaria quests so MommyWiz can quest. I finished the Monkeys and the Books and only have to to TOTH. So that wraps this post,

~Keep It Dead


  1. Hey quick question, what is JADE academy?

    1. JADE Academy is a school for wizards that want to start a death wizard or need help on their death wizard. We teach strategies in PvP - how to defeat bosses quickly and sufficiently. JADE stands for Justin's Academy of Death Excellence. And the joke is JADE is the gem stone for life, and life is opposite of death.

      ~Keep It Dead

  2. Nudge nudge, shove shove, WINK, coughcoughcough....
    Des (who is really hyper from coffee)