Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sorry but F2D

Hey guys, sorry for not telling you but DYK was a 2 week thing like most of my projects. If you remember I had a post called, "Projects, Projects, PROJECTS" well that post stated I will do some projects that will be interesting but for only two weeks. So I have a good one that will take a lot of GIMP cropping. 

But the good news is as I said in my last post, F2D is finished and we are working on another one with a great plot. Now most of you have not READ past the prologue because me and Destiny have a great relationship with Spiral Live so that we have a segment on their great Wizard101 podcast (Watch out Ravenwood Radio!). So we recorded yesterday but as Ditto would say we had Night of the 1000 Bloopers. And the great Nicholas Lionrider - Host of Spiral Live - kept the bad recordings and made it into a little blooper show on Youtube. Last I checked we have:


in 30 minutes. So click here! Luckily we have the segment ready for Spiral Live and we hope you come out to SL 15 tonight 8:30 Eastern or 7:30 Central. And with that, 

~Keep It Dead

P.S Happy 3rd Wizaverssary Nick!

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