Saturday, March 31, 2012

At Long Last

At long last I got Minecraft! Now as in my last post I stated that I was looking for other gaming avenues, this is not it. Saying that does not mean Minecraft is not good enough its just a game I could play on the weekends. I really hope everybody at least will try out Minecraft but its like virtual Lego's! In W101 I will be trying to get JSS out of Krokotopia on this Spring Break week at the same time!

Also I must say this month was my most viewed month ever!

Previous Record: 859 views | December 2011

New Record:  906 views | March 2012

~Keep It Dead

Saturday, March 24, 2012

[No Title]

It's getting harder and harder to come up with catchy titles with such a News Drought. I guess there has been some news with the puzzle but who really has the time to do that. Hopefully it's a new world to adventure in like Mirage, Avalon, or Weirwood.

Anyway J.S.S (Justin Sandshard) is still in the Pyramid of the Sun at the last instance of that place. I think me and Nick will finish that part up tomorrow along with Destiny. Speaking of the gang tomorrow we will be recording the F2D Segment. If I have it right Spiral Live will go live TOMORROW! As I said everybody was really busy so SL would be really short and lame if they did record today. So keep and eye on there livestream page at usual time here.

TPR is getting really good early in! Me and Destiny finally made a writing deal on who writes on what days. I write: Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Destiny writes: Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Saturdays being our collaboration day and recording for the Segment.

When you look at this post I actually covered a lot with 0 news. Hmm, well as always,

~Keep It Dead

Monday, March 19, 2012

Well, Its A Wrap


9:47 a time I will never forget. You guys probably know F2D is finished. But when writing we all make mistakes. Today right after I got Microsoft Office 2007 to work I went threw all 19 pages and 11,711 words of F2D and completely read it all and edited the whole thing! I have to say I am really proud of myself, Destiny and Nick for actually going threw with the whole F2D Project. I have to admit we all had our fair share of breakdowns and "moments". We all yelled at one another at least 20 times decided so many things for F2D.

TPR is in the 3rd chapter of 15 and we should finish by late May or early June. Then after a week or two of more plot crafting for C4L we will start writing the final book. So F2D is now officially finished and will be wrapped up but in a box, put in a metal suitcase and buried in my Graveyard in my Massive Fantasy Palace.

Also my Balance wiz is level 17 and in the last area in the Pyramid of the Sun with Nick as well.

Speaking of Nick Spiral Live is this Saturday and if I have it right Blaze will be there too. The F2D Segment will be on it's 4th installment (4 already?). Here is just a really tiny bit of what will be said in the segment:

 Destiny felt her heartbeat slow down dramatically. So this is the end, She thought. This is what death feels like. Destiny listened to her struggling heart.

Well thats all I got,

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wish I'd Thought of That

You all probably know a blog thats is really good but doesn't get the views it deserves. Well a great blog called Icicle Avenue is holding the Starry Night Awards! First off, great name. Second, nice
concept! Icicle Avenue has about 1445 views. Her blog should have 5000+ views to me.

If I have it right Tabitha (Owner of Icicle Ave.) [Tabitha, correct me if I'm wrong in the comments] is posting in a poll, uh, hard to explain, well here is an example:

Starry Night Awards Nominees

Thomas Lionblood
  3 (50%)
Paige Moonshade
  4 (66%)
  4 (66%)
Diana Wildheart
  1 (16%)
Edward Lifegem
  1 (16%)

So go check out her blog here! AND VOTE!

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Project: Portrait Winners!

Hey guys, this is the time all 54 participants have been waiting for!


Project: Portrait 1 Winner

Molly Suntamer

Molly, your Mega Snack Pack will be sent to you shortly.

Project: Portrait 2 Winner

Dustin Storm

Dustin, your  Shenlong Dragon Code (Unknown Color) will be sent to you shortly.

Project: Portrait 3 (The Big One)

Arthur Mooncaster

And I have already sent Arthur his Hoards he picked, and 10 KI Free Game Codes.

Now you might be wondering, what happen to the giftcard. Now, Arthur sent me in his email, if he won he did NOT want the crowns because he got a giftcard a few days ago and did not want to be greedy. So I respect his wishes and I will randomize the names for Project: Portrait again. 

And the winner is: Nicholas Lionrider

Nick I will send you your 10$ Prepaid Giftcard from Blockbuster soon.


Well thanks for participating every one! If you entered you will receive a KI Free Games Code from SusanSofaShocker. Thanks Susan. Also I want to say in the upcoming weeks I will be at 200 posts. Currently I am at 170! So look out on Facebook for a message inviting you to a possible party.

~Keep It Dead

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Project: Portrait 3 --Closed-- 7 Entries

Find It!

Location: Tanglewood Way, Wysteria
3 | Hoards (You Pick)
10 | KI Free Game Codes 
1 | 10$ Prepaid Giftcard from Blockbuster

~Keep It Dead

Monday, March 12, 2012

Project: Portrait 2 --Closed-- 28 Entries

Find It!

Location: Wizard City, Crab Alley
Prize: Shenlong Dragon Code (Unknown Color)
~Keep It Dead

Project: Portrait 1 --Closed-- 19 Entries

Find It!

Location: Wizard City, Commons
Prize: 1 Mega Snack Pack 

~Keep It Dead

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Project: Portrait!

Hello everybody! As promised today is my new project obviously called Project: Portrait. This project you can actually win cool prizes! So everyday I will show you a rare portrait and all you have to do is take a screen shot of you and the picture! Let me show you:

I will post: 
Find it!
Prize: 2 Ravens Hoards 

You send in:
Wizard Name: Justin Shadowblade (your name)
Best way to contact: (your email)

And I will pick the first 10 and randomly pick the winners. Pretty easy. I will tell you what world and what area, like Wizard City, Colossus Boulevard. I will post the very first Portrait tomorrow afternoon after I get home from school. So hope you participate by emailing me

~Keep It Dead

F2D Becomes A Trilogy

So the group came together at 1:39PM PST and made a deal on the F2D Trilogy names and plot.

So here you go:

Frozen To Death
The Ice Cant Be Contained

The Pyromancer's Revenge
The Candle Goes Dark 
Cursed For Life 
It All Ends Here 

Now I believe later this week me and Destiny will leak parts of the prologue for TPR and C4L. 

Also I want to thank Spiral Live for talking on the show about the F2D Site. 

Speaking of the site the part we read yesterday will be uploaded to the site later today or tomorrow evening.

Also tomorrow I will be starting my next project that involves prizes! 

Back to F2D, I will try to moderate how many posts are about F2D because my last 3 have been. Today I (and maybe Destiny) will release a very tiny part of what Nick will say at the end of TPR.

"More we fight with Death and Fire we fall apart like Dragonspyre..."

Cliffhanger I may say? Stay tuned tomorrow for the P _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Project debut. Also I want to say I'm about 50 views away from 6,000 pageviews and the is my 165 post! Thank you for coming to!

~Keep It Dead

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Recording F2D

As you can clearly tell by the title, Destiny, myself and Nick will be getting together on Friday evening and Saturday morning to start record the F2D segment for Spiral Live. I believe if we can get it to work swiftly we can have the read-able version ready by late Sunday or early Monday.

~Keep It Dead

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The New F2D Site

Hello everybody. I am very proud to announce the launch the official F2D Site. I have worked day in and day out with our main illustrator Nicholas Lionrider. So if you would like to see the site click here! For now it is on WIX but we will try to get a good domain for it. So hope you like and don't forget to hit the music on the top right corner, me, Destiny, and Nick worked hard on that to finally work. Also don't forget that we only added the chapters read on Spiral Live so far. And keep looking at the site often, it might have some contest on it, hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge.

~Keep It Dead
P.S Also go here after the new site.

Monday, March 5, 2012

What should I tittle this? Announcements?

As the temperatures get higher the news gets drier. There is nothing to talk about! The only thing I have done is quest my new alt, Justin Sandshard. Yep, I did make a Balance alt because I have played a Fire and Ice wizard to 48. And balance, I've never really tried. Well Nick made it in a little series on the SL Youtube.

I also want to announce I am officially apart of the Spiral Live Youtube. :D

Some good news is Spiral Live and Ravenwood Radio are this week. Sadly I was sick Saturday, Sunday,  and Monday. So me, Nick, and Destiny didn't really get to the studio to record F2D. I think I speak for Destiny as well to say we have F2D 2 and F2D 3 all planned. Now the stories will not be named Frozen to Death 2 or Frozen to Death 3. I want to tell you but... its almost to good.  Here I'll tell you the initials:

Frozen to Death 2 - TPR (Still being decided with Nick)
Frozen to Death 3 - C4L It All Ends Here

Also we are still debating if we want to make a t _ _ _ _ _ _. You guess that one. We also made a w _ _ _ _ _ _ for F2D. You guess that one too. So, oh yea that contest for 1,000 Crowns winner. Congratulations Matthew Walker, I will send your code in the next 1 hour or so. And my next HUGE contest is just in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned. And with that,

~Keep It Dead

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Back! With a Contest!

Hey guys, well I'm back and I want to thank the people who came back to my blog even if I wasn't blogging. So Nick gave me a code for 1,000 crowns. So just send me what you did in the past few days and I will randomly choose the winner. Also as you read I am working on a little something for F2D, and with that, 

~Keep It Dead