Sunday, March 11, 2012

F2D Becomes A Trilogy

So the group came together at 1:39PM PST and made a deal on the F2D Trilogy names and plot.

So here you go:

Frozen To Death
The Ice Cant Be Contained

The Pyromancer's Revenge
The Candle Goes Dark 
Cursed For Life 
It All Ends Here 

Now I believe later this week me and Destiny will leak parts of the prologue for TPR and C4L. 

Also I want to thank Spiral Live for talking on the show about the F2D Site. 

Speaking of the site the part we read yesterday will be uploaded to the site later today or tomorrow evening.

Also tomorrow I will be starting my next project that involves prizes! 

Back to F2D, I will try to moderate how many posts are about F2D because my last 3 have been. Today I (and maybe Destiny) will release a very tiny part of what Nick will say at the end of TPR.

"More we fight with Death and Fire we fall apart like Dragonspyre..."

Cliffhanger I may say? Stay tuned tomorrow for the P _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Project debut. Also I want to say I'm about 50 views away from 6,000 pageviews and the is my 165 post! Thank you for coming to!

~Keep It Dead

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