Saturday, March 17, 2012

Project: Portrait Winners!

Hey guys, this is the time all 54 participants have been waiting for!


Project: Portrait 1 Winner

Molly Suntamer

Molly, your Mega Snack Pack will be sent to you shortly.

Project: Portrait 2 Winner

Dustin Storm

Dustin, your  Shenlong Dragon Code (Unknown Color) will be sent to you shortly.

Project: Portrait 3 (The Big One)

Arthur Mooncaster

And I have already sent Arthur his Hoards he picked, and 10 KI Free Game Codes.

Now you might be wondering, what happen to the giftcard. Now, Arthur sent me in his email, if he won he did NOT want the crowns because he got a giftcard a few days ago and did not want to be greedy. So I respect his wishes and I will randomize the names for Project: Portrait again. 

And the winner is: Nicholas Lionrider

Nick I will send you your 10$ Prepaid Giftcard from Blockbuster soon.


Well thanks for participating every one! If you entered you will receive a KI Free Games Code from SusanSofaShocker. Thanks Susan. Also I want to say in the upcoming weeks I will be at 200 posts. Currently I am at 170! So look out on Facebook for a message inviting you to a possible party.

~Keep It Dead

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