Monday, March 19, 2012

Well, Its A Wrap


9:47 a time I will never forget. You guys probably know F2D is finished. But when writing we all make mistakes. Today right after I got Microsoft Office 2007 to work I went threw all 19 pages and 11,711 words of F2D and completely read it all and edited the whole thing! I have to say I am really proud of myself, Destiny and Nick for actually going threw with the whole F2D Project. I have to admit we all had our fair share of breakdowns and "moments". We all yelled at one another at least 20 times decided so many things for F2D.

TPR is in the 3rd chapter of 15 and we should finish by late May or early June. Then after a week or two of more plot crafting for C4L we will start writing the final book. So F2D is now officially finished and will be wrapped up but in a box, put in a metal suitcase and buried in my Graveyard in my Massive Fantasy Palace.

Also my Balance wiz is level 17 and in the last area in the Pyramid of the Sun with Nick as well.

Speaking of Nick Spiral Live is this Saturday and if I have it right Blaze will be there too. The F2D Segment will be on it's 4th installment (4 already?). Here is just a really tiny bit of what will be said in the segment:

 Destiny felt her heartbeat slow down dramatically. So this is the end, She thought. This is what death feels like. Destiny listened to her struggling heart.

Well thats all I got,

~Keep It Dead

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