Monday, March 5, 2012

What should I tittle this? Announcements?

As the temperatures get higher the news gets drier. There is nothing to talk about! The only thing I have done is quest my new alt, Justin Sandshard. Yep, I did make a Balance alt because I have played a Fire and Ice wizard to 48. And balance, I've never really tried. Well Nick made it in a little series on the SL Youtube.

I also want to announce I am officially apart of the Spiral Live Youtube. :D

Some good news is Spiral Live and Ravenwood Radio are this week. Sadly I was sick Saturday, Sunday,  and Monday. So me, Nick, and Destiny didn't really get to the studio to record F2D. I think I speak for Destiny as well to say we have F2D 2 and F2D 3 all planned. Now the stories will not be named Frozen to Death 2 or Frozen to Death 3. I want to tell you but... its almost to good.  Here I'll tell you the initials:

Frozen to Death 2 - TPR (Still being decided with Nick)
Frozen to Death 3 - C4L It All Ends Here

Also we are still debating if we want to make a t _ _ _ _ _ _. You guess that one. We also made a w _ _ _ _ _ _ for F2D. You guess that one too. So, oh yea that contest for 1,000 Crowns winner. Congratulations Matthew Walker, I will send your code in the next 1 hour or so. And my next HUGE contest is just in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned. And with that,

~Keep It Dead

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