Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wish I'd Thought of That

You all probably know a blog thats is really good but doesn't get the views it deserves. Well a great blog called Icicle Avenue is holding the Starry Night Awards! First off, great name. Second, nice
concept! Icicle Avenue has about 1445 views. Her blog should have 5000+ views to me.

If I have it right Tabitha (Owner of Icicle Ave.) [Tabitha, correct me if I'm wrong in the comments] is posting in a poll, uh, hard to explain, well here is an example:

Starry Night Awards Nominees

Thomas Lionblood
  3 (50%)
Paige Moonshade
  4 (66%)
  4 (66%)
Diana Wildheart
  1 (16%)
Edward Lifegem
  1 (16%)

So go check out her blog here! AND VOTE!

~Keep It Dead

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