Monday, April 2, 2012

6 New Things! And It Was A Joke!

Yea, it was all a big joke. Hope I didn't scare to many of you but if you do recall my New Years Resolution was to pull my personal longest April Fools Joke! 

Old Record: 1 day

New Record: 2 days

Now for the great things that have happened to this blog if you don't want to search all over :

  1. The biggest is that the header up there is my permanent header
  2. That means the Past Blog Headers Archives is now closed.
  3. Do you see the new layout, background and favicon? I think it's pretty slick.
  4. The F2D Site will be updated EVERY Sunday.
  5. I will also start having a weekly poll just to have fun on Mondays. (How ever many people vote I will post that many KI Free Game Codes)
  6. Minecraft has it own tab called The Grizzly Griefer! I will post an update every Friday.  
And with all these new updates,

~Keep Mining!

I mean,

~Keep It Dead 

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