Thursday, April 26, 2012

For Ye' Landlubbers and Wizards


So yeah of course Pirate101 is now in closed Alpha. I honestly think Pirate101 will be better than Wizard101 for teenagers. Pirate101 seems like Kingsisle is wandering into the World Of Warcraft zone with this game a little bit. Pirate101 also looks like it will be a little more interactive.

I have already decided I will be a Witchdoctor. My name will be like DeathyWiz but, WitchyPi. Blaze and Nick will be Bucaneers, Destiny will be a Swashbuckler. If you want to pick out your class you can do so here.

Also, Polaris. I told y'all! Polaris is ruled by penguins and is an Ice themed world. Since Pirate101 is in closed Alpha only some fortunate wizards can give Intel on what is going on as a Pirate. So hopefully we can get more information on all the worlds. We do know, Pirate101 does take place in the Spiral and these are the world we know of:

Skull Island (Nicks prediction was right)
Monquista (Home of Monkey's)
Valencia (Home of Diego)
Mooshu (In islands)
Polaris (Home of Penguins, my prediction)
Marleybone (Seems to be normal)


So, Avalon isn't here but Test Realm is still up. Nothing is really new in the Wizard101 except for the Emperor's Attic Pack. I was gifted 3 packs from my great friend Sean and I got the Koi Pond. Cool? Sure. Did I really want it? No. If I could I would give it to Paige who wants it.  In this pack there is no mount or pet just housing stuff. Personally I didn't buy any so, yeah. 


TPR is going smoothly and we have lots of great surprises coming. The Spiral Live team is still trying to get a solid deal on the segment but we are still negotiating. Also, listen up! If you have a headset and a Skype account, contact the F2D Staff at with your Skype name if you are interested in narrating the F2D Segment. And later you'll see why I cant narrate very soon. 

Well thats all I got, also the last day to sign up for a prize on the Poll is Friday. 

And TASHA SPARKLEHEART check the comments on this in order to claim your prize!

~Keep It Dead

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