Monday, April 2, 2012

The Good Ole Days

Image DetailWell yesterday in MC me and Nick did an adventure map and turned it into a "Search And Kill" game. Naturally we had to play in Bikini Bottom map! :D

Nick set up base in Spongebob's House and I set up base in the Hospital. I dug down and made a cave (nicely lighten), I got so far out Nick couldnt find me. But I forgot to crouch down so Nick couldnt see my name underground.

When Nick saw my name he flooded the area I was in with TNT and exploded it on command.

Then it was an epic battle underwater for 5 second when Nicks Diamond sword killed me. :/ Oh well, it was REALLY FUN. After we had a couple of laughs I showed him my (some in tact) tunnel. Nick was actually proud on how far I got digging. Will post more tomorrow, for now.

~Keep Mining

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