Thursday, April 5, 2012

JADE Graduation

Well I bring you sad news. JADE Academy is shutting down like most academies have already did. I actually think JADE was the last standing academy. The main reason for JADE's shutting down is that WBE (Wizardly Board of Education) fell apart. The president quit. The rest of the board fought for Presidency. As that was going on tiny sectors of people didn't want to be amongst the drama and left WBE. 

After a leader was decided there was only 13/54 people left of WBE.

So this Saturday at 3pm PST JADE Academy will have its graduation ceremony. 42 students out of 59 will graduate and receive a KI Free Games Code from, you guessed it, SusanSofaShocker. Hope to see you there and I will personally give away a special treat.

~Keep It Dead

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