Monday, April 23, 2012

The Poll Results - Prizes #3

The second poll prizes have been sent out. So for the second question it was...

Which Is The Best Level 78 Pet? 

The Results:

Efreet - 7 (35%) 

Woolly Mammoth - 14 (70%)

Triton - 4 (20%)

Chimera - 6 (30%)

Gnomes! - 7 (35%)

Bone Dragon - 3 (15%)

Basilisk  - 5 (25%)

As you can see Woolly Mammoth took 70% of the votes! A total of 20 people voted! So if you voted comment on this post with your email and what you voted for. And I will give you a special code. The codes range from normal KIFG Codes to 1,000 Crowns Codes. So comment away.

~Keep It Dead


  1. I voted for wooly mammoth because it is the only pet that looks natural lol. My email is

  2. I had voted for Mammoth, but changed to the Gnome! Love it!
    You know how to reach me.

  3. I voted for the woolly mammoth :)
    - Tasha Sparkleheart

  4. I voted for wooly mammoth!

  5. I voted for woolly mammoth. IT'S SO FLUFFY!!! Gnomes aren't ): ( i'm a life wizard) my email is Thx!