Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Poll Results - Prizes #2

The first poll prizes have been sent out. So for the second question it was...

Does Avalon live up to the hype?

The Results:

 Yes! - 8 (42%)

Kinda. It's cool. -  2 (10%)

Yes! I already beat it, when is Mirage coming out? - 1 (5%)

Not at all! - 2 (10%)

IDK, Still beating lions in Zafaria or killing sharks in Celestia. - 6 (31%)

As you can see Yes! took 42% of the votes! A total of 19 people voted! So if you voted  comment on this post with your email and what you voted for. And I will give you a special code. The codes range from normal KIFG Codes to 1,000 Crowns Codes. So comment away.

~Keep It Dead

P.S New poll is up!


  1. You know how to reach me, and I am still in Celestia, so I voted likewise. I'd better hurry!

  2. Lol I don't know yet I'm still killing sharks in celestia :p
    thashi_17@hotmail.com :)

  3. Lol still stuck in Zafaria though I am a bit past the fire lion ravagers :P. You can reach me at sghsri@yahoo.com :D thnx!

  4. I voted yes because it is awesome! email is owllover333@aol.com

  5. Just wondering if my previous comment went through :P if not, my email is sghsri@yahoo.com and voted still killing lions in zafaria(I am in elephant graveyard :P but you know what i mean lol