Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Off To Defeat Pendragon - Not So Epic Conclusion (Part 5)

Sorry for this conclusion being so late... 

I walked into the mighty Castle Avalon and instantly saw the much anticipated Sword of Kings in a massive, huge, gigantic, pebble :). After my team defeated the mobs we made our way to the stone and each put a hand on the sword and yanked it out. Somehow the sword split into 4 and we each had our own Sword of Kings, equipped to our school of magic. We ran up stairs and defeat some more trash mobs and dodged the rest of them. We went into the Royal Hall and met the dreadful Pendragon.

Our teams Pyromancer, Scot "accidentally" went into battle ALONE as the rest of us were rearranging our deck. And Pendragon uses a 0 pip Fire Dragon and the tick lasts for the
whole battle. And after we all noticed he was in the battle we ran in! Scot took the tick and destroyed it with a Treasure Card Triage. I was so happy he took the tick and only took 300 damage!

Life wizard Moria used Gnomes! after I did a Von doing 10,574. We must have killed Pendragon in 10 rounds flat. I was so disappointed when we killed him because Pendragon was so easy! Then to heal King Artorius we had to beat the the Black and White Dragons. During that battle my whole group talked about our worst and best experiences in Avalon. 

We healed King Artorius and gained Avalon's trust! We all ran to Merle's House and finished Avalon. Here are my rates!

Hardest Boss: Young Morganthe
Easiest Boss: Pendragon

Favorite Place: Keep of Ganelon
Least Favorite Place: Catacombs

Total Deaths: 3

Overall World Rate: 8

My Review:
Nice storyline and challenging bosses to really push your limits in battle. But for me the much anticipated Pendragon fight was WAY to easy. Maybe because only one of my team members had the tick and got it off with Triage so quick or maybe the Pendragon fight is just plain easy. I will defiantly buy the Avalonian housing if it comes out because the land is very lush and has much detail. Although the tree's had no detail. 

Thanks for reading and...

~Keep It Dead

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Foolish Morganthe - Off To Defeat Pendragon (Part 4)

Image DetailWow I just beat Young Morganthe, and what I fight she put up! And her brother Sir Mallory a fierce warrior! Yesterday myself and a group tried to finish the instance and failed so today I retried it with Monica MoonWhisper (Life), Andrew Dragonblade (Myth), and Scot Thorn (Fire) and I want to say thanks to them! I must say I think I lost a couple of feathers in those battles. Now in the next post I will face the much anticipated Pendragon fight. 

Also if you are wondering why none of the "Off To Defeat Pendragon" series haven't had any  in-game pictures is because I lost the folder :P. So when I'm not busy questing I will go look for it and post the picture's here.

So the last Off To Defeat Pendragon post is coming up later today! And after I finish Avalon I will quest my alt Justin Sandshard and maybe even finish up Grizzleheim and Wintertusk to get the Scarecrow pet and later the Bone Dragon pet!

Thanks for reading and this is Archmage Justin Shadowblade signing out!

~Keep It Dead

Friday, May 25, 2012

Aw Man, I Got My Feathers Wet - Off To Defeat Pendragon (Part 3)

Image DetailWhooo are you? No, I'm just kidding. But today I took a dip in the water of Lake Shore and restored the portal to go into the Catacombs! There I defeated some Seraphs, Dragons, and Ogres!

RIGHT NOW! I am an owl and defeating the Unsung Knight with John Ashwraith (Myth), Richard Fireblade (Life) and Torchbeard (Ice, XD no he's Fire)! I am still hazy why I am an owl and how I am speaking with King Artorius if he is dead, but I will fill you guys in later today! Is this the place I beat Pendragon or what? Short Post!

~Keep It Dead

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Breaching The Walls - Off To Defeat Pendragon (Part 2)

Image DetailAs I make my way and defeat the Handsome Fomori and asking an Ettin named Billy Brute (who I previously helped) for a stone slab. Conveniently Billy just had one laying around like a normal Ettin does. After I had the table of the Silver Rose I had to rally the knights! 

With the knights at my assistance I breached through Caer Lyon and entered the Outer Yard! At first I saw a young boy named Warwick!

And instead of him saying:
"Hello Knight of the Wyrd and Necromancy, can you please save my dear owl?"

He said:
"Go save my owl captured by a fearsome beast and his minion waiting to eat your eye balls out. NOW!" 

Or something along those lines...

Well me being a nice fellow I saved his bird owl and she told me to beat 6 deers! Not even saying thank you for saving her life, because I'm sure if she was there another day she would be fried chicken owl. I also defeated Flaccitheus Hauker with Nick and Vanessa Emeraldglade. 

More on me getting to Pendragon tomorrow!

~Keep It Dead

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

From Squire To Knight - Off To Defeat Pendragon (Part 1)

Ah, it feels like just yesterday I was defeating Caoranach the Fire-Spitter, oh wait no, I was finishing side quests for like 5 hours! I want to say thanks to Tyler Rubyweaver and Chase Stormhunter for helping me through some of the quests.

So today I defeated the evil Death Seraphs. I wish I could have just gave Gwendolyn the death essence because I had to do like 5 battles. I summoned the Dragon (which is like twice the size of my Bone Dragon mount). After that Gwendolyn marched herself to Abbey Road and requested me to fetch King Artorius's broken table for some rally thing. The Wyrm thing was pretty cool but thats pretty much as far as I got. Now I have to craft a new table with defeating some "Handsome" Fomori in Dun Dara.

So the yesterday and today were fun and this is only the 1st part of, I don't even know how many but I do know to always,

~Keep It Dead

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Fight With The Jabberwock and Ginther

Image DetailHey guys, so I recently defeated the Jabberwock. Before I went in with my friends, Chase and Alura (both storm) I did some researching. First off the Jabberwock was thought to be real. As you can see to your right that is the Jabberwock people way back when thought was real. As you can see the Jabberwock in the photo isn't exactly Family Friendly so I appreciate that KI toned it down but still kept the funny teeth. 

This battle took me like 5 tries to understand it. I must have rechecked my deck at least 20 times to make sure it was packed right. I kinda went with what Friendly did. I packed a couple of Vampires, Skeletal Dragons, Von (I call him Frankie), Wraiths and my new favorite non-attack spell Empower! I cant really give tips because it's different for each school, I guess...never give up? 

I also just beat Ginther like 10 minutes ago and she was easy. I used a treasure card, Steal Charm to steal her 25% Balance Blade. Now I have to beat the Nameless Knight (Malory XD) and if you cant tell by the time of this post, I'M ON SUMMER VACATION! So expect loots of posts and contests! And always, 

~Keep It Dead

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Want A Tag Game

Provided by Mr. Ditto P. Monster here is a Tag Game code I won and don't need:


Be the first and you win!

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Working With Adsense and Spiral Live

Hey guys, as you can see I am working with my dad on getting Adsense working. So thats why you see some ads in weird places, we are just testing them out.

Also Spiral Live is tomorrow at 5:30PST! Now that comes with Nick being a little sick so look for updates if the show will still be going on, here. But if the show is tomorrow Spiral Live will be on it's 20th Episode! And sadly this will be Blaze's last episode as Co-host. Spiral Live is still debating on who should fit the spot, BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW! We think it's gonna be Jason Darksword, if you get the "Jason Darksword" joke send me an email.

Well that wraps up this post and I defiantly will be posting more with the days leading up to my Blog-O-Adversary! And never forget,

~Keep It Dead
P.S. I start Summer Vacation on Tuesday, so look for a big post on the 22nd of May :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Yay 9000!

Thanks a bunch guys for getting me to 9000 views and you will be rewarded when my Blog-o-adversary!

~Keep It Dead

Saturday, May 12, 2012

It Was A Good 6 Hours

Sad but Charlie is not my sole pet. Charlie only lasted a fair 6 hours XD! Lucky is my true sole pet and a teen Fierce Hound who I couldn't find so I got my Jellyfish. Lucky just got Spritely! Super happy he got it at teen and I will post more tomorrow!

~Keep It Dead

Avalon, Youtube, Charlie, and 200th Post!

Hey guys! This week has been so much fun. In Avalon I have started to adventure in Caer Lyon. 

Yesterday (Friday) I talked with IAmTheChezz. IAmTheChezz is a super funny dude who makes Wizard101 videos and posts them. Keep in mind his Youtube videos may have NSFW101 (Not Safe For Wizard 101) Language. So if you want to see his hilarious videos, click here.

Also Nick, IAmTheChezz, Anthony (Ant-man), and I did some PVP! Just so you know, I am awful at PVP. We won 2/3 thanks to IATC being a Warlord.

Nick also made a NSFW101 Video featuring, me! In this video Nick uses some "suggested" language and if you are under 13 you might not want to watch it. But again its super funny. Check it out here! He is also uploading another one most likely as you are reading this.

And since we did PVP I realize I needed a good pet! So Mister Diesel (My Wraith) is out and Charlie the Jellyfish is in! He is at teen and I really hope he gets "May Cast Sprite". Here are some pictures:
This is also my 200th post!
~Keep It Dead

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Poll Results - Prizes #5

The fourth poll prizes have been sent out. So for the fifth question, it was... 
What Would You Want To Win?

The Results:

10 | $10 Giftcards (1 Per Win) - 21 (53%)

5 | $20 Giftcards (1 Per Win) - 2 (5%)

2 | 40$ Your Choice Bundles (1 Per Win) - 1 (2%)

50 | Your Choice Hoards (5 Per Win) - 15 (38%)

As you can see 10 | $10 Giftcards (1 Per Win). took 21 (53%) of the votes! A total of 39 people voted! So if you voted comment on this post with your email and what you voted for. And I will give you a special code. The codes range from normal KIFG Codes, a pet, or even 1,000 Crowns. Also with these results I will decide what prizes I will giveaway for my blog-o-adversary! So comment away.

~Keep It Dead

P.S. New Poll is up!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mika Shurka Fight

Hey guys! I just finished the Mika Shurka fight or the Jade Oni you fight for the Council of Light. This battle was incredibly easy...with minions. I had a level 50 Storm Minion and a level 20 Life Minion. Here is what the Minions did:

Life - Level 20 - 20 Crowns - Calvin Moonpetal

3 Spirit Armos
1 Cyclops
2 Pixies
2 Treant
1 Sandstorm 

Storm - Level 50 - 100 Crowns - Torgut

1 Storm Shark
3 Stormzillas
2 Krakens

So yea, now I will head off to Avalon with Nick. So always remember,

~Keep It Dead

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Finishing Some Quests

So today I have done some quests! Today I finished the following:

Grizzleheim Runes
Tower Of The Helephant
and a Crafting Quest

So I will probly kill the Oni dude today and offcially start Avalon tommorow. Thats all I got.

~Keep It Dead