Saturday, May 12, 2012

Avalon, Youtube, Charlie, and 200th Post!

Hey guys! This week has been so much fun. In Avalon I have started to adventure in Caer Lyon. 

Yesterday (Friday) I talked with IAmTheChezz. IAmTheChezz is a super funny dude who makes Wizard101 videos and posts them. Keep in mind his Youtube videos may have NSFW101 (Not Safe For Wizard 101) Language. So if you want to see his hilarious videos, click here.

Also Nick, IAmTheChezz, Anthony (Ant-man), and I did some PVP! Just so you know, I am awful at PVP. We won 2/3 thanks to IATC being a Warlord.

Nick also made a NSFW101 Video featuring, me! In this video Nick uses some "suggested" language and if you are under 13 you might not want to watch it. But again its super funny. Check it out here! He is also uploading another one most likely as you are reading this.

And since we did PVP I realize I needed a good pet! So Mister Diesel (My Wraith) is out and Charlie the Jellyfish is in! He is at teen and I really hope he gets "May Cast Sprite". Here are some pictures:
This is also my 200th post!
~Keep It Dead

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