Thursday, May 24, 2012

Breaching The Walls - Off To Defeat Pendragon (Part 2)

Image DetailAs I make my way and defeat the Handsome Fomori and asking an Ettin named Billy Brute (who I previously helped) for a stone slab. Conveniently Billy just had one laying around like a normal Ettin does. After I had the table of the Silver Rose I had to rally the knights! 

With the knights at my assistance I breached through Caer Lyon and entered the Outer Yard! At first I saw a young boy named Warwick!

And instead of him saying:
"Hello Knight of the Wyrd and Necromancy, can you please save my dear owl?"

He said:
"Go save my owl captured by a fearsome beast and his minion waiting to eat your eye balls out. NOW!" 

Or something along those lines...

Well me being a nice fellow I saved his bird owl and she told me to beat 6 deers! Not even saying thank you for saving her life, because I'm sure if she was there another day she would be fried chicken owl. I also defeated Flaccitheus Hauker with Nick and Vanessa Emeraldglade. 

More on me getting to Pendragon tomorrow!

~Keep It Dead

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