Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mika Shurka Fight

Hey guys! I just finished the Mika Shurka fight or the Jade Oni you fight for the Council of Light. This battle was incredibly easy...with minions. I had a level 50 Storm Minion and a level 20 Life Minion. Here is what the Minions did:

Life - Level 20 - 20 Crowns - Calvin Moonpetal

3 Spirit Armos
1 Cyclops
2 Pixies
2 Treant
1 Sandstorm 

Storm - Level 50 - 100 Crowns - Torgut

1 Storm Shark
3 Stormzillas
2 Krakens

So yea, now I will head off to Avalon with Nick. So always remember,

~Keep It Dead

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